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Who Are We? 

Yarn Stories is a comfortable local yarn store that can be found in downtown Muncie, Indiana. We have been serving the fiber arts community since 2015. We offer a range of different yarns, fibers, and accessories to fit every budget.

Our goals at Yarn Stories are:

  • to bring together and help support our local fiber community
  • offer better quality and selection of fiber related products to our city
  • educate community members by teaching them the skills necessary to maintain a lifelong hobby

Our Team

Lauren Back (Owner/Knitting & Spinning Teacher)

A life-long lover of arts and crafts, Lauren learned how to knit when her boss showed her the steps to make a simple dishcloth. Countless hours of internet instruction and many trips to fiber-festivals (and yarn stores) both in and out of the state, helped Lauren advance her skills and turn a part-time hobby into a full-time passion. Lauren is not only a wheel and spindle spinner, but an avid knitter and a beginner crocheter. She is always working on advancing and expanding her skills and crafts.

Alexander Back (Owner)

While he did not start out as a fiber artist, Alex always supported his wife (Lauren) in her dreams of becoming a yarn store owner. Alex is a beginner crocheter and enjoys needlepoint in his free time. While he may not be visible in the store on a daily basis, he assists with the financials and is an important part of making sure things get done.

Erica Ussery (Crochet Teacher)

A multi-talented fiber artist, Erica has over 20 years of crochet experience. She is the person to go to for lessons at all crocheting skill levels. Erica is typically in the shop twice a week and also teaches classes by appointment. Erica and her husband own Monkey's Paw Studio - the local company who screen-prints most of our bags.